Hey! Im FLora, 15 and this is my second blog (My first one is called Flossie405) all of the photos i post on this blog are originals and i took them myelf... My camera is a Panasonic-something-beginning-with-D... So Enjoy! And feel free to Reblog and Follow!! :D

Screw it.

I have three followers and one them is me :/ OH DEAR FLORA. Well I’d like to thank my 2 followers.. Oh! news just in I actually only have 2 followers.. that’s great. One of them is still me so  effectively have one follower.. A big thank you to: oh shit I’ve forgotten the name.. It was something with the word fairytale in it.. People should just name their blogs something simple like Paul or Josh even if their names aren’t Paul or Josh its just nicer for everyone else! I tried to credit ‘….fairytale’ for being a lovely person but the name was too difficult to remember.. I think there are hyphens in the name, that’s what’s catching me out. Anyway. I’m still going to post on this blog and I’m not going to lie and say i wish i had more followers but I’m sure one day I’ll have more than 1 :D Stay strong flora